Think about this,

What if there is no backend to maintain ?

Yep, we are serious!

Building web applications requires concentrating on both the UI/UX and the backend, being one of the biggest hurdles of a web application, the backend is not so fun to maintain.

What if we tell you that you can soon forget about backend maintenance and completely concentrate on the UI/UX?

cloud:VAR lets you build data driven web applications and mobile applications that can truly scale easily through a web interface. cloud:VAR comes with built in support for user maintenance, data validation and advanced queries.

The best part is, data updates are realtime! Changes in data will reflect across clients in realtime in web applications built using cloud:VAR

UI/UX is the key

In todays challenging market, UI/UX holds the key to a web application's success. If it looks and works better, people will come rushing!

Better user interfaces means better user flow. cloud:VAR lets you concentrate on your UI/UX more and less on the backend.

You will love cloud:VAR's smooth integration with the UI. Your data is readily available and accessible at your front end and at the same time, complying to all your security constraints that you define at the server side.

Pure javascript magic

cloud:VAR was designed for UI developers and we wanted to use a language UI developers are already familiar with, Javascript.

You can use all of your favorite javascript libraries with cloud:VAR! Since the data is already in JSON, you don't need any additional steps for data conversions or translations. Everything just works!

cloud:VAR is written in NodeJS and the actual data storage is handled by MongoDB, which is one the most advanced document databases available today and is massively scalable, meaning you can use cloud:VAR to write data rich applications and API's faster and easier than ever before!

Build full fledged web applications or API's

Whether you are building a full fledged web application or an API service for a mobile/web application, cloud:VAR lets you build faster!

Building scalable, data driven web applications or API's is a real challenge for even an experienced development team with traditional technologies. cloud:VAR makes it easy to build using the tools and libraries you are already familiar with and at the same time, makes it possible to forget about the backend!


We, at Entity Business Foundations believe that technology shouldn't be left in the hands of a few and hence, cloud:VAR will be released as opensource software. We need the community to take this to the next level and make it possible to write efficient and powerful web applications and API's in no time.

cloud:VAR is currently under development and is not yet market ready. Please check back in a few days!